Bleach Digital Colored Comics vol. 12-15

As some of you may know Shueisha, Bleach’s publishing company, offers digital colored versions of the Bleach manga. It can be purchased at their official website.

Title: Bleach Digital Colored Comics
Author: Tite Kubo; colored by Shueisha
Language: Japanese (raws)
Volumes: 12-15

Volume 12 Download »37.26 MB
Volume 13 Download »34.26 MB
Volume 14 Download »40.24 MB
Volume 15 Download »36.14 MB

Download mirrors:
Volume 12: mediafire » (54.03MB)
Volume 13: mediafire » (49.33MB)
Volume 14: mediafire » (57.84MB)
Volume 15: mediafire » (51.95MB)

33 thoughts on “Bleach Digital Colored Comics vol. 12-15

  1. If you could let me know the passwords for the other Bleach Volumes I’d be so grateful! Thank you so much. <3 You rock!

  2. Hello, can I get the password for the other volumes of Bleach colored manga please? I’d really appreciate it! Thank you ;-;

  3. Hello! Can I also have the password for Bleach colored manga please? I’ve been looking for these forever. Thanks in advance 🙏🏻

  4. Hi, would you mind to give the password for the other raws of bleach, please? 🙏
    Thank you for posting this, it’s great for my japanese studies!!
    (Sorry, I think it got posted as a reply by mistake)

  5. Hola, estuve buscando por todos lados y solo aqui encontre bleach a color. Podrias pasarme la contraseña porfavor? muchas gracias por tomarte el tiempo de subir cada cap. un abrazo!

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