Full Colour Death Note vol. 1-6

All of the Death Note manga was officially digitalized in 2013. We get to see the Jump Comic volumes in a choice of two formats: as published, or in full colour. This is the latter version, digitally coloured by Shueisha.

Title: Death Note Colour Edition (DEATH NOTE カラー版)
Author: written by Tsugumi Ohba, illustrated by Takeshi Obata
Language: Japanese (raws)
Source: purchased by me
Volumes: 1-6 out of 12

Volume 1 Download »65.38 MB
Volume 2 Download »64.67 MB
Volume 3 Download »69.23 MB
Volume 4 Download »72.86 MB
Volume 5 Download »67.96 MB
Volume 6 Download »73.25 MB

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