Kurumada Suikoden – Hero of Heroes

A crossover series using Masami Kurumada’s popular characters from Ring ni Kakero, Fuma no Kojiro and Saint Seiya.

Title: Kurumada Suikoden – Hero of Heroes (車田水滸伝 - ヒーロー・オブ・ヒーローズ)
Author: Masami Kurumada, Kouga Yun
Language: Japanese (raws)
Volumes: 1 (in progress)

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Description (from myanimelist.net):

The Mythology is the plan of the gods. A perfect story created by them, that should never be changed in any way. However, there where mortals who altered the Mythology with their own hands. Pegasus Seiya, Ryuji Takane, Kojiro of the Fuuma, and many others were brought to this prison, where they’re going to be erased to restore the Mythology to its original course… But they’re not going to disappear without fighting for their existence.

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