Mirage of Blaze again.

A Mirage of Blaze doujinshi again, created by Akisame Rui.

Although canonical sex in Mirage novels is mostly fierce and brutal (the staircase, other people watching, no lube, somebody come save Takaya :cry: ), I still can’t help and enjoy romance, the dialogues and the tender kissing. And I really liked the beautiful art of Akisame Rui, who later switched to Naruto fandom.

Title: God Bless You # 3 (GOD BLESS YOU # 3)
Author: Akisame Rui (秋雨るい)
Circle: Okusama Killer no Kai (奥様キラーの会)
Published in 1997.
Language: japanese (raws)
Download »11.63 MB download mirror: mediafire »

Description: Not worksafe, kids, don’t tell anyone I buy such stuff. >.< To sum up, a half of it is just one long sex scene. Not very explicit, though. (*ε*) And! At the end appears a woman I believe to be Takaya's mother. She looks so kind.

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