Mizuiro Penguin 3

Years ago I promised to share my Mizuiro Penguin collection, but just recently had enough free time for making scans. So, this is Mirage of Blaze yaoi doujinshi.

I believe the whole Penguin series has the same story line, but I don’t know Japanese and can only judge by pictures. :oops2:

Title: Mizuiro Penguin # 3 (水色ペンギン # 3).
Author: Haruhi Chacha (春日茶々)
Plublished in 1997.
Language: japanese (raws)

Download »15.02 MB download mirror: mediafire »

Description: some nudity. Chiaki/Takaya, Naoe/Takaya (no hard yaoi scenes), penguin/Chiaki and some characters, which I couldn’t identify (one of them is probably Kotaro).

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