No more Boku no Koe?!

I just found out the horrible news about Youka Nitta, who is going to quit Manga Work:

Manga artist Youka Nitta has deleted her entire webpage and blog on Tuesday, and left only an apology in the wake of revelations that she traced photographs in her works. She added that she will stop future writing work and apologized again to the copyright holders of the photographs, the people involved, “and the readers who have enjoyed the works of Youka Nitta, even for just a little bit.”

WHY?! Plagiarism isn’t the most sensible thing, of course, but such revelations happen in the world of manga every day. Internet is filled with funny comparisons such as look-they-stole-a-pose or a-page-that-copied-manga-xxx. *yelles out curses* Sensei, don’t leave us! :eek4:

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