Switching social media sites

My journal was housed on livejournal, but as it is not a safe space to post yaoi (“yaoi” = romantic relationship between males) or any homosexuality-related material, I’m switching platforms. :cry: I’m going to import the previous posts from my livejournal balisarde, and also password-protect some of them.

I collect manga and the artbooks of Kouga Yun, Minami Ozaki, and everything related to Mirage of Blaze and Bleach. :love: If yaoi scares you shitless, please go look for some other places on the web. As I’m a fan of yaoi/shounen-ai some of my posts might be about that, so you have to be open-minded and please be respectful. You have been warned, so I assume that you’re comfortable with the topic.

14 thoughts on “Switching social media sites

  1. hey! can i somehow get the password to your bleach 66-72 and 73 posts? i would really like to download them, please consider sharing it <3

  2. Hi, Good day to you,
    Could you please kindly send me the password for your Bleach digital colored comics?
    Thank you in advance, balisarde-san.

  3. Hello, like the rest of the commenters I too would like the password for the Bleach colored manga, if it’s not an issue. The whole site is an impressive collection I must say. Thank you for your time.

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