Sailor Moon manga full colour re-release

This version of Sailor Moon is fully colourized. As was officially announced on the official Sailor Moon website, it will be available only as a digital download. The first two volumes were released on June 29, 2020. I think there are no current plans for a physical release. :!:

The original black and white release in the magazine Nakayoshi had a few colour pages at the start of each chapter, but for some reason these colour pages were actually recoloured differently for this new version of the manga. :eek:

Title: Sailor Moon All Colour Complete Edition (美少女戦士セーラームーン オールカラー完全版)
Author: Naoko Takeuchi; colored by Shueisha
Language: Japanese (raws)
Source: purchased by me
Volumes: 1 out of 18 (?)

Volume 1 Download »122.95 MB

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