The Sheikh’s Princess Bride manga (full color version)

This josei manga, drawn by Hanyu Shion (羽生シオン), is based on a 2015 Harlequin romance novel of the same name written by Annie West. This is the full-colour version of the manga released in 2020.

Title: The Sheikh’s Princess Bride (残酷な祝福; Zankoku na Shukufuku)
Published by: Harlequin / SB Creative
Language: Japanese (raws)
Volumes: 1 out of 1 (complete)
Download »47.4 MB

Description (from Mangaupdates):

Samira, the princess of Jazir, was just reunited with her first love, Tarik, at a charity party. He’s now the recently divorced sultan of Al-Sarath. Tarik introduces Samira to his twins and she is immediately smitten. This might be her first and last chance to be a mother, since she’s been told she can never get pregnant again. So Samira dared to suggest a marriage of convenience, for the sake of the children…and Tarik’s expression changed completely.

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